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Artistic endeavours

I spent much of Sunday drawing buttercups. It wouldn’t have taken me so long to do the drawings if I’d just read the Swap requirements, but I think I’m so used to creating ATCs that I just had it in my mind that that was what I had to do. So, I got my tablet out and did a digital painting of a buttercup, and I’m quite pleased with it. The only trouble was that when I re-read the requirements, I was supposed to do a much larger sketch. I think I had asked previously if I could do a digital, one, so that part was ok, but it needed to be much bigger. Ok, so I could have enlarged it and printed off a bigger version, but that didn’t seem like playing the game. So…I toddled off to find my pencils and watercolour crayons, and a sketch pad, and created another sketch.

Well, this one was ok too, until I decided to colour it. It actually looked much better as a pencil drawing. As soon as I put colour to it, it looked awful. By now I was running out of time, and still had a card to make for the swap, so I decided to leave it. All I did was laminate it to stop it tearing, and cut it to size. Then I set about making a card, having had a brainwave when I saw the blank card stock. Why not do another buttercup for the card, just to prove that I can draw? So, Buttercup number three followed, which was very good until I decided it would look better if inked over. It didn’t! I finished off, pretty disillusioned by now, by drawing three more mini buttercups in a left hand margin, and left it at that.

And the lesson learned? Don’t leave your swaps till the last minute. Do them straightaway, so that you have plenty of time to red0 them, and redo them…and …

See what you think..


Buttercup ATC 1


Buttercup card

Buttercup sketch


Hello…it’s me!


Yes, really! It is! Lol.

I know, it’s been a very long time, and although I would like to say I am going to blog every day from now on, I just know that that would be the kiss of death. I think I said it last time I had a break, and look what happened next. Let’s just say I’ll try and write at least once or twice a week.

It’s not as if I don’t have plenty of crafty things to talk about. I have been drawing and painting, knitting and crocheting, making ATCs … although I haven’t made many cards. Much of my craft equipment and supplies is impossible to get at, so I am operating on a skeleton selection of goodies, although I have been adding to the yarn stash steadily. I won’t run out of yarn for a while yet (probably never, given that the minute I finish a ball, I take it as justification to buy another, or two!)

My latest creation is a bag. I haven’t made any bags since last summer, I think. I was knitting my five inch section of a travelling scarf, (more of this later 😉 ) and liked the combination of Peaches and Creme, (daisy ombre) and Stylecraft Eskimo (lemon) so much that I thought I’d make something else in it. Thus the bag was born. Sturdy, and with an inside divider, it’s in fresh sunny colours. Or another description would be, fried egg colours! I’m afraid that’s how I refer to it myself. Anyway, it’s basically knitted in garter stitch, but I did the joining together in double crochet, and I made the strap by crochet. The bag is fastened with a antique silver coloured bead.



Random cards

I have been holed up today crafting, making cards and ATcs. Two of the cards were for family, and all the ATCs are for swaps. The first set is flower themed. The swap was for one flower ATC, but I always do an extra, and then, thinking I had finished, I checked for my partners address and realised that I had not read her profile. Reading her profile meant that I learned that she particularly likes violets, so I made another ATC with violets and then a card to accompany the swap package. I quite like these. People always seem to add text, but I think it’s often nicer just to let the images do the talking. Anyway, here are the ATCs.




Having finished these, I then turned to a card for my neice who celebrates her first birthday shortly. I decided to stick with easy images, ladybird and butterfiles, and some toadstools and leaves, and made them brightly coloured. I used my cuttlebug for all the images except the butterflies. I hope it is stimulating enough,or at least colourful enough to capture her interest.


Next was a card for my daughter. I am sending her the bag I crocheted for her (previous post) and made the card to accompany it, and explain the surprise. This card is in colours I wouldn’t normally use. I love my purples and pinks, blues and greens…but yellows, oranges, peachy pink?!! Well I quite like the colour combination in this and I think it’s refreshingly different for me.


And lastly, I made some ATc’s for a swap called ‘The colour Purple’.  Self explanatory really. Of course, being this colour, I was in my element. I had the drawer of flowers out after making the flower ATC’s so I ended up using more flowers. I did try to vary the theme a bit in one of them…the stripy ribbon one, but even then the desire to add a flower got the better of me. My favourite is the one with the crochet diamond. I really like these, and make no apologies for lushness or overcrowding. They are sumptuous and purple. Brilliant! Gosh…I really hope my swap partners love purple as much as I do, and flowers! 🙂




Quite a day for crafting, and at least three cards to make tomorrow!.

Best get some sleep!


Anyone for gingham?

A few weeks ago I decided to host a swap on Swap-bot. Since I am a big fan of gingham, I thought I would host a swap for it, and eventually chose to host a papercraft swap and a sewing swap. The papercraft swap has now closed for sign up, and only has eight participants. This was a bit disappointing but I still think potentially it has the chance to be a good swap. This was the picture I used to illustrate the swap page. All the items in the picture were made by me to give examples of things that could be made for the swap.


       There are cards of various shapes and sizes, ATCs and bookmarks, but there is so much you can do…it is only limited by imagination and the papercraft criteria.


The other swap is still open to sign up for, (for a few days only). Again I am disappointed with the take-up. There are only five participants as I write this. Its all about sewing something in gingham, or with a large part gingham. It could be a toy, or clothing, or something for the house, or a gift even. I haven’t decided what I will make. I will decide on something according to my partners profile, but I have bought or been given lots of gingham fabric and ribbon.



I should be writing!

Well I should. I promised myself that I would get started on my novel again, and I will. But at the moment I am really enjoying experimenting with different techniques for my cards. I love working with paper, and cutting out shapes, or punching out shapes, and it is probably not a surprise if I tell you I love doing flowery type designs. Lately I have been using materials other than just paper, such as felt, and have dug out my rubber stamps and experimented with fibre-tips, crayons, water-soluble crayons, pastels etc. I am also going to try painting with water colours too. How can I stop all this and sit down and write? Of course, sometimes it is the other way around, and I just have to write…sometimes sitting in bed at 3am, writing a poem. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, or days in the week, or weeks in the year!!

These are the most recent cards I’ve made, using stamps…



…and a couple of Easter cards. The chick looks a bit miserable, despite the ‘Happy Easter’text!

 easter-chick.jpg               easter-card3.jpg




Keeping it in the family

It was Mother’s Day last Sunday  (in the UK). I hope all you Mums out there had some lovely cards and maybe some pampering too. I got one very special card which I wanted to display as I think it is so good. It was from my granddaughter, G who made it completely by herself! When I tell you that she is five years old…


Good isn’t it? Recognise the style? Like grandma, like granddaughter lol. I have to admit that she gets lots of encouragement from myself and her Mum, (my daughter being very artist too), so it’s bound to rub off! Thank you G for the lovely card. I shall treasure it!


With Easter on the horizon.



First…don’t forget to check out my freebies draw which takes place on Friday 7th.

Good luck!

Easter is just around the corner, so I thought I had better start thinking about card designs. Accordingly I set about it, and produced this card, which is an Easter Bouquet in felt, with orange and yellow daffodils. 


 Continuing with the Easter theme and colours, I made a couple of tags, a card topper, and a bookmark, all decorated with daffodils and tulips.


The card stock is yellow, a sort of blotchy yellow, but it doesn’t photo very well. It’s actually quite pretty, imho 🙂


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