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That is probably what I’ll be after a month of frenzied writing, knitting and crocheting.

My first day produced 1117 stitches for NaKnitMo, no words for NaNoWriMo, and a blog entry. Room for improvement methinks!

Yesterday I decided to make a prototype duck toy. After lots of frogging, this is what I produced.

P1190039ed   Now, I think he is recognisable as a duck, but he has many faults, poor soul. The crochet isn’t tight enough and reveals his stuffing.  His beak, though the idea worked well, is too big and the shape needs refining. His head is too big, his feet need less stuffing, and are not joined in the right place, or at least so that they are pointing the right way. Poor Duck! But, I’ll work on his brother today and see if I can improve the design. I didn’t like the cotton I was using for his beak, so that needs changing as well.

However, I might make a start on something else first, we’ll see. Depends how the whim takes me!




Duck 1


Swap from down under

I received a swap from my Australian swap partner a couple of days ago. This was a yarn swap, organised by one of the groups on Ravelry. I am thrilled with the contents. I asked for Australian wool, since J is in Australia and she sent me some gorgeous Cleckheaton Country Naturals, which is 8ply (DK) and 100% wool. She also sent me two skeins of Moda Vera, bamboo / cotton, which is 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, which I am also dying to try. Having read my blog, J remembered that I prefer knitting with shorter lighter needles, (unless I have 200 sts ) and sent some adorable little duckie needles. Obviously they are for children, but I am not proud. I frequently knit with children’s needles. There was a really pretty postcard of a little Kaola to remind me of Australia, along with a keyring, and also some pretty papers and adhesives to do some papertole work.
I loved everything, and just hope J enjoys what I have sent her too. Thank you for a wonderful swap.

Yarn swap

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of what I had put together for J. So I hope she takes a photo and posts it on the relevant thread to remind me.


Scarf Travels – International scarf section three

beekeepers scarfI received the next scarf in the International scarf travels group on Ravelry, ready for me to knit section 3. I have to say this is becoming more and more exciting because each scarf that arrives presents a different challenge. I am learning so much and stretching my abilities, learning new stitches, techniques, and experimenting with colours and texture. However, the main challenge I have is actually trying to keep the scarf width even. Most of the participants are in the USA, but some are in Europe, New Zealand and Australia and consequently we have the differences in knitting and crochet terms, plus the different yarn gauges to contend with. We have tried to iron out these difficulties but it  is still a problem as can be seen in my attempts as well as some of the other scarfs. Perhaps we’ll get better as we go along. Anyway, this is scarf three which will eventually belong to a lovely lady who lives in Illinois.All three sections have been knitted in various yarns by Noro.

 Bkeepers scarf two sections

bkeepers scarf, my section.



Hello…it’s me!


Yes, really! It is! Lol.

I know, it’s been a very long time, and although I would like to say I am going to blog every day from now on, I just know that that would be the kiss of death. I think I said it last time I had a break, and look what happened next. Let’s just say I’ll try and write at least once or twice a week.

It’s not as if I don’t have plenty of crafty things to talk about. I have been drawing and painting, knitting and crocheting, making ATCs … although I haven’t made many cards. Much of my craft equipment and supplies is impossible to get at, so I am operating on a skeleton selection of goodies, although I have been adding to the yarn stash steadily. I won’t run out of yarn for a while yet (probably never, given that the minute I finish a ball, I take it as justification to buy another, or two!)

My latest creation is a bag. I haven’t made any bags since last summer, I think. I was knitting my five inch section of a travelling scarf, (more of this later 😉 ) and liked the combination of Peaches and Creme, (daisy ombre) and Stylecraft Eskimo (lemon) so much that I thought I’d make something else in it. Thus the bag was born. Sturdy, and with an inside divider, it’s in fresh sunny colours. Or another description would be, fried egg colours! I’m afraid that’s how I refer to it myself. Anyway, it’s basically knitted in garter stitch, but I did the joining together in double crochet, and I made the strap by crochet. The bag is fastened with a antique silver coloured bead.



Now look what I’ve got myself into!!

I never learn. I cannot resist a challenge. As if one wasn’t enough for November, I am now taking on another! A group has been set up in Ravelry which challenges us to work (knit or crochet) 30,000 stitches during the month of November. Luckily I knit quickly, so if the worst comes to the worst I will knit squares for a blanket or something, but I worked out that I need to knit or crochet for about an hour a day to reach the target. Or, 1000 stitches , of course.

The good thing about it is that I might be able to get a lot of Xmas pressies made, bags and socks, teddy bear clothes etc, and whilst I love writing it will be good to relax with some yarn. The other plus is that it is not crucial to reach and fulfil the challenge. We are doing it for fun, testing ourselves, but realising that its more fun to enjoy the journey, than to reach the end. Well, that’s how I view it anyway. I’m looking forward to it. I think it will be fun, and it will be good to see what everyone is doing and give encouragement to each other.

And the name of the challenge…what else could it be, but…  NaknitNo, (National Knitting Month) !!


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