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Splash of colour.

A few days ago I finished a project that was really enjoyable. I decided to make a cat blanket, using scraps of yarn left over from other projects. The result was amazing. A rainbow of colours. Are cats colourblind, I wonder?  If that is the case, it may be a blessing, otherwise they might be dazzled.

I made approximately 100 little 2.5 x 2.5 granny squares, with a well known pattern (I see it all over Ravelry and other crochet sites), and double crocheted them together. The yarn I used was one of my favourites, Patons Sorbet. I think I have mentioned it before. It’s a cotton blend, aran weight (worsted weight for those who are in the States and Canada), and its good for things like bags or something that needs to be fairly thickish  or rugged, like a bathmat. So should be good for a pet blanket 🙂


I enjoyed making this so much, that I am now making something similar, though not for a cat. It’s so easy to pick up, do a few squares and put down again and makes my 50,000 stitch target for NaKnitMo, a breeze, (at least I think it will). I’m so proud of the girls who are doing this challenge, (actually, I think there is a male in there someone as well), but the totals some are racking up every day are incredible. For the rest of us, it’s just a chance to pick up unfinished projects and get them finished, make presents ready for christmas, and generally have a lot of fun. It’s surprising how quickly the stitch totals increase and several people have upped their targets already. I don’t think I will be doing that yet. I am managing to keep up with this blog for the NaBloPoMo, but haven’t done much for NaNoWriMo. I have been planning my plot, but not writing the book! Ah well, tomorrows another day.


Countdown Fame

I haven’t posted for so long, I know, but I thought I’d tell you about my claim to fame. Jonathan, the creator of Infinite Countdown,has used my picture of a snowy landscape, ‘A Little Snow’ as a backdrop to his Winter Countdown. Thank you Jonathan 🙂 I love the idea of the countdown website. Jonathan is still working on it, but I think it will be great when finished. I’ve added the url to my links so that I can refer to it again…especially with Christmas around the corner. It’s always useful to know how much longer I have to get those presents made, (or bought, when I run out of time, as I nearly always do). My current countdown, which is a little more pressing is the NanoWriMo challenge, which begins on November 1st and lasts for the entire month. You need a month if you are going to write 50,000 words of novel. Perhaps Jonathan could add that one to the list of countdowns, as so many folk take part lol. Anyway, thank you for the honour Jonathan…it’s much appreciated.


Five minutes later!

Not five minutes after I wrote the previous post, the postman delivered my NaNoWriMo Mascot swap, and what a delight. He is  a ‘Lucky Cat’, made by Alissa, and he is beautiful. How clever to be able to create something out of clay! (I presume it is polymer clay). He is particularly loved because I have a black and white cat (Jiffers) so very appropriate. Alissa also sent other goodies, fabric and stationary. She had obviously been reading my profile on Swap-bot 🙂 Thank you Alissa. I love Lucky and everything else you sent. You have been very generous. Good luck with Nano. I hope Lucky’s sphere of influence reaches you too lol. Here are some shots of Lucky in his new home and the parcel.




the story so far…

Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short, or even better – Nano!) I participated last year and enjoyed it so much that I am back for more gruelling word counting. Besides, having completed my 50,000 words last year, I found I had only written half my novel, so I am back to do the other half this year. The coffee is weighimg the cupboard down, the pencils are sharpened (so to speak, but I use the computer most of the time) and I am raring to go. It all kicks off on November 1st and finishes at midnight on November 30th, so wish me luck and good luck to everyone who participates.

Those who are interested will be able to keep track of my progress via the widgets in the sidebar.

One of my Swap-bot groups held a Nano Mascot swap. This was my effort. My swap-partner loves owls so I made my first piece of amigurumi, added a relevant quote, and my mascot turned out like this!

My swap partner has just receieved him and says she loves him, so I hope she finds him inspiring. I have not received my swap yet.


Long time no see…

It seems ages since I was on here. So much for being disciplined abd writing every day. Trouble is, I have an interest in too many things and I don’t have time to devote to them all. I love my art, but equally love my crafts, and my writing. There are different aspects to each, such as reading , which also take up time, and then there is life, which has a habit of impeding you, just as you think you have everything under control. Not that anything has happened to impede me lately, but I just get very tired!

I have been busy though. Very busy. I got Corel Painter X for my birthday and have been playing with that. I wasn’t convinced that it was going to be worth all the money I paid, (which in itself was a fraction of the full price), but I have to say, I am hooked! The variety and options for brushes and techniques is mind boggling, and it will take me a long time to become really familiar with it. I lost the programme the other night. It wouldn’t open up for more than a second and then crashed. After two hours of trying every possible remedy and reading what folk on the forums said (it is apparently a common problem) I eventually said to my OH, that the logical explanatopn was that I had done something while using it to change it in some way which it didn’t like. So I thought back to what I had done…the last action being to import a photo into the resources file. So I deleted the photo and hey presto, back to normal. I eventually discovered that the picture should have gone into another folder, within a folder, which was within a folder in the resources folder…if you follow. So now we know! The point of this story being that I was wondering what I was going to do without my Corel Painter X. I am already relying on it!

That aside, I think the results of my efforts are getting better as you can see above. When I consider my work a year ago when I first began art again after a very long break (35 years), I think I have come a long way. Still much further to go, but it is a very pleasurable journey!



First attempts

Well. I still haven’t been writing. No, I am still in the clutches of crafting and art. I have been trying out my new Corel Painter software. I haven’t checked out the tutorials yet, but I will. With the help of publisher, (I suppose it should be photoshop) I have painted and put together the following:-

 blue-flowers-in-vase.jpg      turquoise-vase-plus-red-and-yellow-flowers.jpg          publication1vase-of-pink-flowers-ed.jpg        turquoise-vase-plus-red-and-yellow-flowers-page-2.jpg


I also managed a couple of cards. I actually got out some watercolours to paint the stamped images. First time I have ever painted with them ( well…coloured in).






I should be writing!

Well I should. I promised myself that I would get started on my novel again, and I will. But at the moment I am really enjoying experimenting with different techniques for my cards. I love working with paper, and cutting out shapes, or punching out shapes, and it is probably not a surprise if I tell you I love doing flowery type designs. Lately I have been using materials other than just paper, such as felt, and have dug out my rubber stamps and experimented with fibre-tips, crayons, water-soluble crayons, pastels etc. I am also going to try painting with water colours too. How can I stop all this and sit down and write? Of course, sometimes it is the other way around, and I just have to write…sometimes sitting in bed at 3am, writing a poem. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, or days in the week, or weeks in the year!!

These are the most recent cards I’ve made, using stamps…



…and a couple of Easter cards. The chick looks a bit miserable, despite the ‘Happy Easter’text!

 easter-chick.jpg               easter-card3.jpg



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