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An experiment…

…well two actually. The first experiment was trying out a new yarn, New to me at any rate. I thought I’d give some microfibre a try. Called ‘Smooth DK’ and made by King Cole, it promised to be soft and I had seen some colours that suited a project I had in mind. So I bought some, and yes, it is soft and very nice to work with. Not quite what I expected, but I think that is more me than a fault with the product. I don’t know if I am the only one who has thought about this, but I wonder if others hae also concluded that DK nowadays is more akin to 4ply. Or to put it another way, 25 years ago, I am sure I remember double knitting being thicker than it is these days. Frequently I pick something up thinking it will be 4ply, only to find that it is Double Knitting. Perhaps it is me, suffering memory loss, but I have to say that given the quantity of knitting I did throughout the time my children were growing up, you’d think I’d have remembered. It would be interesting to find out if gauges have changed. Needle sizing changed, just to confuse everyone, or rather the needles stayed the same but were described differently, now in mm which is mercifully much easier to understand when reading patterns from across the pond.


I’ve started to use King Cole Yarns more often in recent months and like them. I love the feel of this one, and the nice stitch definition.

The other experimental part of this tale, is the pattern I was working on. I decided to try and do a woven design, just for the fun of it, and I was really pleased with the way it turned out, although I have to say that I think I should have done another ribbon or two each way to make the weave tighter, but you live and learn through such experiences. This was the result, a little fragranced pillow  (lavender scented) made with the King Cole Smoothie. It’s a bit of a fiddle, but I really like the result so will undoubtedly do it again in the future.





Catch-up time

Having been so busy lately I haven’t had a chance to put my work up here on the blog. There is a backlog of items waiting to be given an airing, and as I will be busy all of November with NaNoWriMo and NaKnitNo and christmas cards to make…there might not be much opportunity. So here are a few things I’ve made recently.

The sewing swap I hosted on Swap-bot was about gingham.  I decided to make an apron for my partner, and as she liked strawberries I made a small zip bag out of a delicious strawberry fabric. I also made a crochet bag which I lined in gingham.




I also made a larger zipped bag for another swap which was a haberdashery lucky bag. This was the first zipped bag I’d ever made and I was quite pleased with the outcome. I used a tutorial which explained how to do it all neatly.

A little bit more practice and I will get it perfect. Fresh from this success I decided to try another quick pattern for a traveling tissue cozy. This was a free pattern too from Burda  I love it when I stumble upon these sites, especially if they have free patterns. This was the result. I used that lovely strawberry material as well. This was part of a fabric swap and I had inclued some tartan tissues as my swap partner was hoping I’d send things that represented Scotland. I sent her some brushed cotton tartan, some wool tartan and some fun fabric with tartan and scottie dogs, The tissues were a bonus find.


Sawmill on the doorstep

Poor Guliver woke up to loud sawing noises yesterday. He didn’t know it was a saw. In fact he thought it was a drill because it squeeked, but either way, he was not a happy bear. We went outside to see what was making the noise and discovered that a neighbour had bought in the tree surgeon who was cutting down a tree. Once I explained to Guliver what was happening, he was fascinated and asked if he could sit on the doorstep and watch. There was a funny machine that looked a bit like an old fashioned combine harvester, which I think must have been for shredding the smaller branches and leaves. Guliver watched and pondered for a while, surmising that if he’d been born in Austrailia he would have been better at climbing because he would have been a Kaola bear. I said that I thought most bears could climb trees and he would probably be able to as well. He said he thought he’s quite like to be a tree surgeon, but then that would mean cutting down trees, and then there would be no trees for bears to climb. I couldn’t argue with his logic. Guliver is a thoughtful bear, quite deep!



Guliver thought he might look cool in a yellow hard hat. I assured him that he would, especially if he got a yellow ribbon to match the hat!

Today has been very quiet for Gulliver. We are getting ready for our holiday so didn’t have a chance to take him to explore Aberdeen. I told him all about the place we are going to and I think he is impressed. He was concerned because he thought we were leaving the cats by themselves. But I explained that someone was coming to stay and look after them for us. He has become great friends with two of the cats, BearCat and Jiffers. BearCat even slept next to Guliver. In the photo it looks like he slept on him, but he wasn’t touching him. I could hear them both gently snoring.

Tomorrow will be a long drive, so we are going to bed shortly. I told Guliver to get an early night because tomorrow will be a busy day, with lots to see! So retired a couple of hours ago.

I may have difficulty getting online whilst away…we’ll see, but I’ll do my best to keep Guliver’s family informed of his adventures 🙂


Fun with ATCs

I have been having fun making more ATC’s for swaps and as ‘extras’ for my swap partners. I also made some bookmarks, remembering to keep them as flat as possible so that I could laminate them.







And lastly some cat ATCs. I didn’t plan on making these…they just happened!!




Two new bags.

I have been very busy making more bags and experimenting with new stitch effects and beading. The first little bag is a mini drawstring, with beads added in the crochet, not sewn on afterwards as in the last beaded bag (little blue bag below). It was easy enough to do, but very time consuming and fiddly, especially with a very fine yarn. I expect it gets easier with practice. The effect is lovely and with different coloured beads there are endless possibilities. I shall be trying some more 🙂

The other bag is totally different. I made this with one of my daughters in mind. Sturdier design, neutral colours and practical. It has a flap which can be used outside the bag, or can be tucked inside, with the button strap over it, to disguise the fact that there is a pocket inside. I haven’t zipped the inside pocket…not that adventurous yet, but the crochet is dense enough for money to be held securely, so long as the bag remains upright. The bag is worked in half double crochet using only the back loop of each stitch. This forms the ridge effect. It’s a variant of back loop double crochet. I halved the stitch to make it more dense. The design is my own. I love experimenting and I’m having great fun learning new stitches and patterns each day.




Anyone for gingham?

A few weeks ago I decided to host a swap on Swap-bot. Since I am a big fan of gingham, I thought I would host a swap for it, and eventually chose to host a papercraft swap and a sewing swap. The papercraft swap has now closed for sign up, and only has eight participants. This was a bit disappointing but I still think potentially it has the chance to be a good swap. This was the picture I used to illustrate the swap page. All the items in the picture were made by me to give examples of things that could be made for the swap.


       There are cards of various shapes and sizes, ATCs and bookmarks, but there is so much you can do…it is only limited by imagination and the papercraft criteria.


The other swap is still open to sign up for, (for a few days only). Again I am disappointed with the take-up. There are only five participants as I write this. Its all about sewing something in gingham, or with a large part gingham. It could be a toy, or clothing, or something for the house, or a gift even. I haven’t decided what I will make. I will decide on something according to my partners profile, but I have bought or been given lots of gingham fabric and ribbon.



Little blue beaded bag

I decided to use some beads to decorate my next creation. It’s a little blue crochet bag, draw-string, with ribbon and beads. I used complimentary coloured seed beads around the top to trim it and added some bigger filigree beads to the ribbon, to make it look slightly more eligant. It was made with crochet cotton…not sure what brand, as I lost the label, but it was a lovely 2ply worsted cotton to work with. I am thinking of making some more of these in christmas colours to stuff full of goodies, for gifts.

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