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An experiment…

…well two actually. The first experiment was trying out a new yarn, New to me at any rate. I thought I’d give some microfibre a try. Called ‘Smooth DK’ and made by King Cole, it promised to be soft and I had seen some colours that suited a project I had in mind. So I bought some, and yes, it is soft and very nice to work with. Not quite what I expected, but I think that is more me than a fault with the product. I don’t know if I am the only one who has thought about this, but I wonder if others hae also concluded that DK nowadays is more akin to 4ply. Or to put it another way, 25 years ago, I am sure I remember double knitting being thicker than it is these days. Frequently I pick something up thinking it will be 4ply, only to find that it is Double Knitting. Perhaps it is me, suffering memory loss, but I have to say that given the quantity of knitting I did throughout the time my children were growing up, you’d think I’d have remembered. It would be interesting to find out if gauges have changed. Needle sizing changed, just to confuse everyone, or rather the needles stayed the same but were described differently, now in mm which is mercifully much easier to understand when reading patterns from across the pond.


I’ve started to use King Cole Yarns more often in recent months and like them. I love the feel of this one, and the nice stitch definition.

The other experimental part of this tale, is the pattern I was working on. I decided to try and do a woven design, just for the fun of it, and I was really pleased with the way it turned out, although I have to say that I think I should have done another ribbon or two each way to make the weave tighter, but you live and learn through such experiences. This was the result, a little fragranced pillow  (lavender scented) made with the King Cole Smoothie. It’s a bit of a fiddle, but I really like the result so will undoubtedly do it again in the future.





Dangerous pursuits

Well, I’ve heard about people sustaining injuries after accidently sitting on knitting needles, but yesterday I surprised myself by knitting a splinter into my skin. I had just started a new project and had tested out a pair of metal needles; didn’t work. Plastic needles; didn’t work, so decided that my wooden needles would probably be just right. I’d only done half a dozen stitches when I nearly shot through the roof in pain. I had a small splinter completely wedged into the skin of the index finger of my left hand. With a bit of help from a sterilised sewing needle and lots of patience, I managed to get the wretched thing out, rubbed some anticeptic cream on and changed knitting needles…again


The offending knitting needles (above left, and centre of right picture)were a pair of cheap bamboo needles. I got them free with a magazine, and I have to say, that cheap they may be, but they are normally lovely to work with. They had quickly become one of my favourite pairs of needles. Not any more, or at least, not until I have got my partner to sand them down and smooth them and generally make them safe to play with. I’d sand them down myself if I could find out where he hides the sandpaper! Anyway, I began knitting again this time with a pair of very beautiful wooden needles, made of a japanese wood… However, the yarn still didn’t like the needles, or vice versa, and finally I went back to a second pair  of plastic needles, slightly larger than the first pair, and now we are speeding along!

All of which just goes to show, two things, mainly. 1) needles are out to get you, and 2), it can be trial and error to find the best pair for the job in hand…well that what I have concluded from the experience. The yarn I am using is Wendy Rembrandt, DK which is a wool blend (46% wool) boucle, and wonderfully soft.


The finger is bearing up well today…so we’ll just put it all down to experience:)


Random cards

I have been holed up today crafting, making cards and ATcs. Two of the cards were for family, and all the ATCs are for swaps. The first set is flower themed. The swap was for one flower ATC, but I always do an extra, and then, thinking I had finished, I checked for my partners address and realised that I had not read her profile. Reading her profile meant that I learned that she particularly likes violets, so I made another ATC with violets and then a card to accompany the swap package. I quite like these. People always seem to add text, but I think it’s often nicer just to let the images do the talking. Anyway, here are the ATCs.




Having finished these, I then turned to a card for my neice who celebrates her first birthday shortly. I decided to stick with easy images, ladybird and butterfiles, and some toadstools and leaves, and made them brightly coloured. I used my cuttlebug for all the images except the butterflies. I hope it is stimulating enough,or at least colourful enough to capture her interest.


Next was a card for my daughter. I am sending her the bag I crocheted for her (previous post) and made the card to accompany it, and explain the surprise. This card is in colours I wouldn’t normally use. I love my purples and pinks, blues and greens…but yellows, oranges, peachy pink?!! Well I quite like the colour combination in this and I think it’s refreshingly different for me.


And lastly, I made some ATc’s for a swap called ‘The colour Purple’.  Self explanatory really. Of course, being this colour, I was in my element. I had the drawer of flowers out after making the flower ATC’s so I ended up using more flowers. I did try to vary the theme a bit in one of them…the stripy ribbon one, but even then the desire to add a flower got the better of me. My favourite is the one with the crochet diamond. I really like these, and make no apologies for lushness or overcrowding. They are sumptuous and purple. Brilliant! Gosh…I really hope my swap partners love purple as much as I do, and flowers! 🙂




Quite a day for crafting, and at least three cards to make tomorrow!.

Best get some sleep!


Ted gets a rucksack

Bruno is a teddy bear and he may be going on his travels. Nice travels, that is, to several European countries. If he is lucky he might get picked for a Teddy bear round robin journey, visiting nine other places in Europe, meeting bear friends owners and having a little look around. As part of this adventure, he will need a rucksack to put in a passport and a notebook for his friends to leave messages. So I have made him a ruck sack, although I have told him I might make a different shaped one tonight…but we’ll see. This one is nice and roomy so there will be plenty of room for his bits and pieces. If he’s a lucky bear, I may even knit him a complete new outfit to travel in, hat, scarf mittens etc. If it is cold, he may need something more substantial, like a jumper and trousers.

However, we have to wait and see if he gets picked to join the round robin. If not, I’m sure there will be other opportunities. In the meantime, here are some pictures of him wearing his new rucksack  (prototype 1).





Feeling guilty…

Today I have finally got around to writing something in here. The truth is, I just don’t have the time to blog any more, or the energy, but I am going to make an effort as it would be a shame to let all my previous work go to waste.

So, what Have I been doing? Well lots of things. Swaps for Swap-bot, a bit of quilting and card-making, and recently, just the last couple of weeks I have become engrossed in learning to crochet again. I leaned to crochet when I was a child. My grandmother taught me. She was a brilliant crocheter and made complicated doilies and table cloths etc. When I can crochet that well, I will feel good, but for now, just relearning everything I have forgotton is complicated enough for me. I do enjoy it though and love to design my own things. So here are the first results of my efforts, bags and purses. I am trying to learn a stitch or something every day and incorporate it in a pattern…well the last few projects at any rate, so that I learn as I go along. I am quite pleased with these. Hopefully as I progress they will get better.





The quiet season

For all that I have been busy, I haven’t done much crafting. I thought that there would be a load of stuff to put onto the blog, but had to search to find anything at all. Definitely a lull in productivity. This is partly because I have been concentrating on the back room, but partly because I have not been well. I have fibromyalgia which has been bad the last few weeks and slows me down completely. It would seem that the mojo has disappeared and all I can do is hope that he will come back! meanwhile, here are some piccies of recent work…not many though!





Purple magic

Well, in the post below, my friend commented that she wasn’t surprised one of my designs for a quilt was purple. As it happens I won’t be doing that particular design just yet. But I have been working on a cushion cover, which is purple. I have handsewn it, not being sure if I would be good at piecing everything together, but now that its just about right, I will re-enforce on the machine before adding the wadding and back panel. I am also going to put a plian cream frill around the edge. This is the cushion design, and I love the fabric combination so much that I really wish I had loads of it to make a full size quilt. I can’t even remember where some of it came from. It’s all from my stash!

This afternoon I went along to the local quilters shop to buy material for a quilt. I have signed up for a beginners class on Friday and they asked me to pop in and choose some fabric in time to get it washed ready for the class. Well….it’s like taking a kid to the candy store! All I can say, is thank goodness I knew what I wanted, colourwise  before I went. There was so much to choose from! I wanted to make a lap quilt in turquoise and brown. At one point there were three of us milling around pulling out bolts and scrutinising matches. Eventually we came up with a combination which will work really well I think. So…Friday is my first lesson, and I think it will be about rotary cutting and templates etc. Anyway, it will be a few weeks before I really get going, but watch this space for updates. The shop I went to in Aberdeen is amazing. Mary and Karen do lots of their own designs which you can buy in kit form. Have a look at their website at Patchwork Creations. It’s well worth a look and you might find yourself very tempted by one of their beautiful kits!

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of photos of the fabrics I chose, and the quilting tools I also bought. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t do justice to the fabrics, which are much more vibrant in real life, and the ivory looks more washed out than it really is.





Quilting aquisitions


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