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Splash of colour.

A few days ago I finished a project that was really enjoyable. I decided to make a cat blanket, using scraps of yarn left over from other projects. The result was amazing. A rainbow of colours. Are cats colourblind, I wonder?  If that is the case, it may be a blessing, otherwise they might be dazzled.

I made approximately 100 little 2.5 x 2.5 granny squares, with a well known pattern (I see it all over Ravelry and other crochet sites), and double crocheted them together. The yarn I used was one of my favourites, Patons Sorbet. I think I have mentioned it before. It’s a cotton blend, aran weight (worsted weight for those who are in the States and Canada), and its good for things like bags or something that needs to be fairly thickish  or rugged, like a bathmat. So should be good for a pet blanket 🙂


I enjoyed making this so much, that I am now making something similar, though not for a cat. It’s so easy to pick up, do a few squares and put down again and makes my 50,000 stitch target for NaKnitMo, a breeze, (at least I think it will). I’m so proud of the girls who are doing this challenge, (actually, I think there is a male in there someone as well), but the totals some are racking up every day are incredible. For the rest of us, it’s just a chance to pick up unfinished projects and get them finished, make presents ready for christmas, and generally have a lot of fun. It’s surprising how quickly the stitch totals increase and several people have upped their targets already. I don’t think I will be doing that yet. I am managing to keep up with this blog for the NaBloPoMo, but haven’t done much for NaNoWriMo. I have been planning my plot, but not writing the book! Ah well, tomorrows another day.


Crochet scarf, section 4

first three sections celticmommyI received the next scarf in the traveling scarf journeys. This one belongs to a lovely lady in California. As usual I had several attempts to find a yarn or yarns that would blend in nicely, or at least not clash. I think I frogged my section three times and eventually decided to do something plain and embellish it, rather than use a multi-coloured yarn or mix colours in a pattern. So, I chose black chunky shetland wool as the base, and used merino wool for the flowers and leaves. The scarf’s owner wants it to be mostly greens and blues so that’s what I used for the embellishment. I hope my friend likes the result. Here are the pictures of the scarf, before I added my bit, my contribution and the scarf as it is now, ready to travel on it’s way back to America.

may 14tha 004a

full scarf


Crochet starter 3!

Well as mentioned in my post below, the crochet scarf I started and sent on, doesn’t appear to have reached it’s destination, so I have started again. Not being well the last few days, I had to make do with something from my stash. It is wool, but not merino, so I hope folk will be able to work with it. I am hoping to get it out in the post today. Of course, the minute I publish this post, my lost starter will suddenly turn up. I wish it would…the thought of another thirty earrings!!

Ah well! here’s what I will be sending off this time. It’s very plain, just to get the scarf going…to anchor it, so-to-speak 🙂



Yarn test.

I have been knitting since I was five, which is a very long time ago. I learned to crochet not long after knitting, and honed my skills throughout my childrearing years. My children had all their clothes, well, a good proportion of them, handmade by me, either knitted, or sewn. I was never without a project on the go, and as well as being a useful hobby, in that it helped with the family finances, it was also theraputic.

Now I find myself in the lovely position of not having to knit for anything other than pleasure. In the intervening years, many of which were knit-free because I was too  busy working, the yarns available have improved and diversified beyond belief. The only ‘fancy’ yarn known to me was mohair, and it was expensive. We relied on clever patterns to jazz up our knitting! Nowadays there are wonderful yarns wherever you look, and we don’t have to stick to the local yarn shop, (though we should all frequent them as much as possible as they offer a valuble service), we can shop online and buy yarn from countries on the other side of the world. Incredible! The choice is only limited by your budget and imagination.

So, as a result of this, one of my favourite occupations of late, has been exploring foreign markets and testing out some of the yarn on offer. This week I sampled a Lion Brand yarn, called Suede. Like a chenille, or velvet, it is 100% polyester, and wonderfully soft to touch. Its a chunky weight, so requires bigger size needles. I couldn’t resist the urge to have a go at another bag, so clutching my size 6mm crochet hook, I made this from the one skein  (ball) of yarn, and still had a wee bit left over. The colour is called Denim by the way.











I loved this yarn and will definitely be using it again. It would make a fabulous scarf or hat, so maybe I’ll get some more for the christmas project box!


Considerations, deliberations…

For sometime now I have been meaning to get started on Etsy, selling some of my crafty stuff, in particular, my bags. Somehow I just don’t get around to it. It’s partly lack of energy, and the thought of the extra work I’d have to put into maintaining a shop, and partly, well mostly, lack of confidence. I just keep putting it off and meanwhile ‘practising’.

And then there’s the question of where to sell. Etsy isn’t the only online craft shop. On researching this topic, I have discovered that there are quite a few online stores, dedicated soley to the selling and buying of crafts, and a few more that happily include crafty things. Plus of course there are the well known auction sites. So where do I begin?

I spent some time browsing some of these sites, this afternoon and for the most part it was an enjoyable experience. There is a lot to consider. Who is the site catering for, sellers, buyers, or both? Domestic, or international? Do they charge, and if so what for, how long and how often? If they don’t charge, is there a catch? What does the small print say? Are they not very busy or big because they are not quality sites, or because they have only just started, or are some of the bigger sites big, purely because they’ve plowed a lot of finance into marketing?

Hmm… I think I might be talking myself out of this! But it pays to be careful surely!




Did I show you…?



…the lovely gifts I received from my Swap-bot partner for the Gingham sewing swap I hosted? I was over the moon with them and never expected to get as many items. My favourites are the tote bag and apron, shown below, but my partner kathy also made me a wrist pin cushion, a needle book (both of which I have been using) and a beautiful photo album with a pink gingham cover. I am still deciding what I will use it for – travelling teddies is one option. The tote bag is delicious. I am using it to store my knitting and crochet projects just now, as I don’t want to spoil it by using it outside. I’ll use it in the spring and summer when it is less likely to get wet and dirty, though it is easily washable. The apron is an unusual pattern, with a flared section at the bottom and the fabric is gorgeous. All in all I did well out of that swap and I’m very gratful to Kathy for spending so much time making and sending me these lovely things.


Kathy has her own blog spot, which is well worth a visit. The banner at the top is wonderful as it shows Kathy’s beautiful family. How lovely to see such a happy and healthy family, when so many images these days leave us feeling miserable, disappointed or dispirited. They do you credit Kathy. At the moment Kathy has entered a competition to win aprons for four family members, and I know she would love to win, so please, help me to thank her for her delightful gifts and vote for her, (put a vote in every day if possible) at

I think she truely deserves to win, but even if you don’t Kathy, you are a winner in my book!

Please vote folks!

Good luck Kathy…I’m away to cast todays vote! 🙂


Catch-up time

Having been so busy lately I haven’t had a chance to put my work up here on the blog. There is a backlog of items waiting to be given an airing, and as I will be busy all of November with NaNoWriMo and NaKnitNo and christmas cards to make…there might not be much opportunity. So here are a few things I’ve made recently.

The sewing swap I hosted on Swap-bot was about gingham.  I decided to make an apron for my partner, and as she liked strawberries I made a small zip bag out of a delicious strawberry fabric. I also made a crochet bag which I lined in gingham.




I also made a larger zipped bag for another swap which was a haberdashery lucky bag. This was the first zipped bag I’d ever made and I was quite pleased with the outcome. I used a tutorial which explained how to do it all neatly.

A little bit more practice and I will get it perfect. Fresh from this success I decided to try another quick pattern for a traveling tissue cozy. This was a free pattern too from Burda  I love it when I stumble upon these sites, especially if they have free patterns. This was the result. I used that lovely strawberry material as well. This was part of a fabric swap and I had inclued some tartan tissues as my swap partner was hoping I’d send things that represented Scotland. I sent her some brushed cotton tartan, some wool tartan and some fun fabric with tartan and scottie dogs, The tissues were a bonus find.

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