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That is probably what I’ll be after a month of frenzied writing, knitting and crocheting.

My first day produced 1117 stitches for NaKnitMo, no words for NaNoWriMo, and a blog entry. Room for improvement methinks!

Yesterday I decided to make a prototype duck toy. After lots of frogging, this is what I produced.

P1190039ed   Now, I think he is recognisable as a duck, but he has many faults, poor soul. The crochet isn’t tight enough and reveals his stuffing.  His beak, though the idea worked well, is too big and the shape needs refining. His head is too big, his feet need less stuffing, and are not joined in the right place, or at least so that they are pointing the right way. Poor Duck! But, I’ll work on his brother today and see if I can improve the design. I didn’t like the cotton I was using for his beak, so that needs changing as well.

However, I might make a start on something else first, we’ll see. Depends how the whim takes me!




Duck 1


Coasting along…

…at a leisurely pace, I have experimented and , I think, perfected the pattern for these coasters. I had not intended making coasters. Their conception was a happy accident. I had made the bottom circle for a water carrier, and added the furry bit. I decided to think about whether I liked it, and put it down for a while. My OH grabbed it and placed his mug on it. Hey presto, the fluff coaster was born, and I have to say, I do like them. I have my own now, and OH still retains ownership of the original.

So this time, I sat down, and through trial and error I put together the pattern. For those of you who would like to make some, I have copied it under the photo. If you do try it let me know and show piccies. I am thinking about adding some beading too…not to the fluffy ones, but designing one with beads instead of fur.



You will need aran weight yarn. I used Patons sorbet, and some cotton ribbon (sorry, brand unknown) and also some eyelash yarn. I used Royle – Touchy- Feely, but you could use any one of numerous makes, such as Sirdar Boa.


ch = chain

cs = chain stitch

dc =double crochet

Ok, here we go…apologies for bad writing up…

Chain 4, join to form ring with a ss

Into ring of 5 cs work 10 half dc
Row 1 Work 2half dc into each chain (20ch)
Row 2 Work (1half dc in next chain, 2half dc into next chain) 10 times (30chain)
Row 3 Work half dc into next 4 chains, 2half dc into next chain) (36chain)
Row 4 Work half dc into each chain
Change to contrast yarn
Row 5 work as row 4
Join last chain to next chain with ss and fasten off.

Have fun:)


Little Gems!

Well yesterday I had two lovely items in the post. What a lovely way to brighten up my day. The first was this little heart, made by a technique called needlefelt (of which I know nothing). It is my prize from Trisha in her One World – One Heart draw. This gorgeous pink ,blue and purple creation is a little brooch, with a pin carefully added to the back. What a clever person you are Trisha. Thank you so much.

felt-heart.jpg          felt-heart-reversed.jpg          

 In the same post I also received another draw prize…my little Santa. He is so intricate.


Made by a technique called quilling, which is, and I quote;

“Quilling, also called Paper Filigree, is the art of creating decorative designs from thin strips of curled paper. Using simple tools, long strips of paper are tightly wound and released to form complex shapes. During the Renaissance, French and Italian nuns used quilling to decorate book covers and religious items, often imitating the ironwork of the day. The name quilling is said to be derived from the fact that the nuns and monks originally used feather quills as their tool to roll the paper”.

                                                     ( )

So now you know. The above bloquote comes from Antonella’s blog. It’s a blog not to be missed as there are lessons on how to quill and free quilling patterns. I am definitely going to try and do some, but it will be a long time before I will be able to do anything as clever as Santa here. My favourite part of him is the sprig of holly on his hat.

santa.jpg  Thank you Antonella, for Santa, and for sharing your knowledge with everyone.

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