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High on catnip!

My lucky cats! They think it’s christmas already. I have made some catnip toys, with a view to making some more for christmas presents and swaps. of course the protypes have to be trialed, and thats where my cats score. I made two mice toys first, just plain brown in colour, nothing fancy. One of my cats played with one of them all afternoon, despite being nine years old. The toy is holding up well, given the viscious kicking, clawing and biting it’s been subjected to. The yarn was Patons Sorbet, which is aran weight, although many class it as chunky.


These two mice are the same but I varied the strings, doing a straight cgain for one, and a bouncy coli for the other. I don’t think one works any better than the other, but the bouncy one is quite good if the mouse is hung somewhere and the cat bats at it. Probably more interesting for the cat.

Having achieved a modicum of success with mice, I then decided to have a go at fish. These were not so successful, in that I should have stuck to the stronger cotton. I swapped over to a double knitting cotton, but its not really as strong or firm, so future toys will all be made in the aran cotton.However, you can mess around to your hearts content with colour and design, so it will be fun to do some more at a later date. The fish were made yesterday so qualify for the count in NanKnitMo, a meagre 1500 stitches, but they all count!



Coasting along…

…at a leisurely pace, I have experimented and , I think, perfected the pattern for these coasters. I had not intended making coasters. Their conception was a happy accident. I had made the bottom circle for a water carrier, and added the furry bit. I decided to think about whether I liked it, and put it down for a while. My OH grabbed it and placed his mug on it. Hey presto, the fluff coaster was born, and I have to say, I do like them. I have my own now, and OH still retains ownership of the original.

So this time, I sat down, and through trial and error I put together the pattern. For those of you who would like to make some, I have copied it under the photo. If you do try it let me know and show piccies. I am thinking about adding some beading too…not to the fluffy ones, but designing one with beads instead of fur.



You will need aran weight yarn. I used Patons sorbet, and some cotton ribbon (sorry, brand unknown) and also some eyelash yarn. I used Royle – Touchy- Feely, but you could use any one of numerous makes, such as Sirdar Boa.


ch = chain

cs = chain stitch

dc =double crochet

Ok, here we go…apologies for bad writing up…

Chain 4, join to form ring with a ss

Into ring of 5 cs work 10 half dc
Row 1 Work 2half dc into each chain (20ch)
Row 2 Work (1half dc in next chain, 2half dc into next chain) 10 times (30chain)
Row 3 Work half dc into next 4 chains, 2half dc into next chain) (36chain)
Row 4 Work half dc into each chain
Change to contrast yarn
Row 5 work as row 4
Join last chain to next chain with ss and fasten off.

Have fun:)


Finishing touch…

…to my bag. This bag is being sent down to my daughter as a surprise gift. Before I wrapped it up today I added a key fob internally, so that she can attach keys, or a purse or whatever. Just makes it that bit more secure. I just hope she likes it., and doesn’t say she does just to please me:(


Two new bags.

I have been very busy making more bags and experimenting with new stitch effects and beading. The first little bag is a mini drawstring, with beads added in the crochet, not sewn on afterwards as in the last beaded bag (little blue bag below). It was easy enough to do, but very time consuming and fiddly, especially with a very fine yarn. I expect it gets easier with practice. The effect is lovely and with different coloured beads there are endless possibilities. I shall be trying some more 🙂

The other bag is totally different. I made this with one of my daughters in mind. Sturdier design, neutral colours and practical. It has a flap which can be used outside the bag, or can be tucked inside, with the button strap over it, to disguise the fact that there is a pocket inside. I haven’t zipped the inside pocket…not that adventurous yet, but the crochet is dense enough for money to be held securely, so long as the bag remains upright. The bag is worked in half double crochet using only the back loop of each stitch. This forms the ridge effect. It’s a variant of back loop double crochet. I halved the stitch to make it more dense. The design is my own. I love experimenting and I’m having great fun learning new stitches and patterns each day.




Feeling guilty…

Today I have finally got around to writing something in here. The truth is, I just don’t have the time to blog any more, or the energy, but I am going to make an effort as it would be a shame to let all my previous work go to waste.

So, what Have I been doing? Well lots of things. Swaps for Swap-bot, a bit of quilting and card-making, and recently, just the last couple of weeks I have become engrossed in learning to crochet again. I leaned to crochet when I was a child. My grandmother taught me. She was a brilliant crocheter and made complicated doilies and table cloths etc. When I can crochet that well, I will feel good, but for now, just relearning everything I have forgotton is complicated enough for me. I do enjoy it though and love to design my own things. So here are the first results of my efforts, bags and purses. I am trying to learn a stitch or something every day and incorporate it in a pattern…well the last few projects at any rate, so that I learn as I go along. I am quite pleased with these. Hopefully as I progress they will get better.





Purple magic

Well, in the post below, my friend commented that she wasn’t surprised one of my designs for a quilt was purple. As it happens I won’t be doing that particular design just yet. But I have been working on a cushion cover, which is purple. I have handsewn it, not being sure if I would be good at piecing everything together, but now that its just about right, I will re-enforce on the machine before adding the wadding and back panel. I am also going to put a plian cream frill around the edge. This is the cushion design, and I love the fabric combination so much that I really wish I had loads of it to make a full size quilt. I can’t even remember where some of it came from. It’s all from my stash!

This afternoon I went along to the local quilters shop to buy material for a quilt. I have signed up for a beginners class on Friday and they asked me to pop in and choose some fabric in time to get it washed ready for the class. Well….it’s like taking a kid to the candy store! All I can say, is thank goodness I knew what I wanted, colourwise  before I went. There was so much to choose from! I wanted to make a lap quilt in turquoise and brown. At one point there were three of us milling around pulling out bolts and scrutinising matches. Eventually we came up with a combination which will work really well I think. So…Friday is my first lesson, and I think it will be about rotary cutting and templates etc. Anyway, it will be a few weeks before I really get going, but watch this space for updates. The shop I went to in Aberdeen is amazing. Mary and Karen do lots of their own designs which you can buy in kit form. Have a look at their website at Patchwork Creations. It’s well worth a look and you might find yourself very tempted by one of their beautiful kits!

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of photos of the fabrics I chose, and the quilting tools I also bought. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t do justice to the fabrics, which are much more vibrant in real life, and the ivory looks more washed out than it really is.





Quilting aquisitions



Collie Dog.

Since I put my Westie on the site last week, it might be good to follow it up with another dog portrait, so this is a drawing I did of a Sheltie.  It’s one of my favourites. I did it a couple of months ago, with Artrage, of course. It was one of those times when I was smitten by a photograph and just had to get drawing. Hope you like the result.



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