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That is probably what I’ll be after a month of frenzied writing, knitting and crocheting.

My first day produced 1117 stitches for NaKnitMo, no words for NaNoWriMo, and a blog entry. Room for improvement methinks!

Yesterday I decided to make a prototype duck toy. After lots of frogging, this is what I produced.

P1190039ed   Now, I think he is recognisable as a duck, but he has many faults, poor soul. The crochet isn’t tight enough and reveals his stuffing.  His beak, though the idea worked well, is too big and the shape needs refining. His head is too big, his feet need less stuffing, and are not joined in the right place, or at least so that they are pointing the right way. Poor Duck! But, I’ll work on his brother today and see if I can improve the design. I didn’t like the cotton I was using for his beak, so that needs changing as well.

However, I might make a start on something else first, we’ll see. Depends how the whim takes me!




Duck 1


the story so far…

Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short, or even better – Nano!) I participated last year and enjoyed it so much that I am back for more gruelling word counting. Besides, having completed my 50,000 words last year, I found I had only written half my novel, so I am back to do the other half this year. The coffee is weighimg the cupboard down, the pencils are sharpened (so to speak, but I use the computer most of the time) and I am raring to go. It all kicks off on November 1st and finishes at midnight on November 30th, so wish me luck and good luck to everyone who participates.

Those who are interested will be able to keep track of my progress via the widgets in the sidebar.

One of my Swap-bot groups held a Nano Mascot swap. This was my effort. My swap-partner loves owls so I made my first piece of amigurumi, added a relevant quote, and my mascot turned out like this!

My swap partner has just receieved him and says she loves him, so I hope she finds him inspiring. I have not received my swap yet.


Felt creations.

Well look what I made! Thanks to Paula for teaching me how to do blanket stitch around corners. I now feel much better about it. I think I have it sorted! So, I made a chicken, inspired by Paula’s template, but not quite the same, and some flowers, again, slightly different from Paula’s. I’m quite pleased, as it’s a new departure /skill for me.




 Catch you all tomorrow!


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