Swaps get warm!

As a change from my usual ATC (Artist trading card) swaps, I have recently taken part in a hat swap. This time I had to make a hat for someone, and another person makes a hat for me. The swap took place on Ravelry, the knitting and crochet forum, and was great fun. I haven’t received my hat yet, but I knitted and sent mine off and it reached its destination in America. I think my partner liked it. I posted a picture of  it in my projects section in Ravelry and a couple of folk have favourited it, so I know it wasn’t awful, lol (one always worries). I guess if you don’t like the hat someone makes you you can always pass it on to someone else, or use it as an Xmas gift. I am looking forward to my hat, although it probably won’t get worn until the end of the year when the temperatures drop again. This is the hat I made my partner. It was knitted in merino wool, and the pattern was Christina’s Beanie, http://whitehorsedesigns.blogspot.com/. I embellished it by making a crochet flower and leaves.










I am also involved in a group called Scarf Travels, again in Ravelry. This time, its all about making a scarf, except that everyone in your group of ten makes it. You start your own scarf doing five inches, then send it to the next person, who does five inches and passes it on, and so on until the scarf ends up back with you. Each of us does this, which means that ten scarfs are travelling at any one time, per sub group. I am in two of these subgroups, one for a knitted scarf, and one for a crocheted scarf. We have only just begun these scarf travels, but I intend keeping an account of their progress on here, along with each scarf I receive, ‘to do my bit’.

The two scarfs I started myself, were these. This was the knitted one…











and this was the first crochet scarf I started…crochet-scarf-for-scarf-travels2









but it would be difficult for American partners to get the same yarn or something equivalent, so I got some merino yarn in aran, which should match their ‘worsted’ weight and did this next starter piece…











However, to date the person downline from me has not received my scarf. She has withdrawn from the swap, but the organiser has contacted her to ask that she sends it on. I am hoping that it is not lost as I sent 30 pairs of earrings with it as gifts for the other participants (3 pairs each). I sent stitch markers with  the knitted scarf, but they wouldn’t have been much good for crochet work, so I made earrings instead.

The upshot of all this, is that I may have to start a third scarf…ho hum! I await instructions from the organiser.

Meanwhile I have received the first of the other scarfs and added my five inches 🙂travelling-scarf-group-3-no-1


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