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Crochet starter 3!

Well as mentioned in my post below, the crochet scarf I started and sent on, doesn’t appear to have reached it’s destination, so I have started again. Not being well the last few days, I had to make do with something from my stash. It is wool, but not merino, so I hope folk will be able to work with it. I am hoping to get it out in the post today. Of course, the minute I publish this post, my lost starter will suddenly turn up. I wish it would…the thought of another thirty earrings!!

Ah well! here’s what I will be sending off this time. It’s very plain, just to get the scarf going…to anchor it, so-to-speak ūüôā



Yarn test.

I have been knitting since I was five, which is a very long time ago. I learned to crochet not long after knitting, and honed my skills throughout my childrearing years. My children had all their clothes, well, a good proportion of them, handmade by me, either knitted, or sewn. I was never without a project on the go, and as well as being a useful hobby, in that it helped with the family finances, it was also theraputic.

Now I find myself in the lovely position of not having to knit for anything other than pleasure. In the intervening years, many of which were knit-free because I was too¬† busy working, the yarns available have improved and diversified beyond belief. The only ‘fancy’ yarn known to me was mohair, and it was expensive. We relied on clever patterns to jazz up our knitting! Nowadays there are wonderful yarns wherever you look, and we don’t have to stick to the local yarn shop, (though we should all frequent them as much as possible as they offer a valuble service), we can shop online and buy yarn from countries on the other side of the world. Incredible! The choice is only limited by your budget and imagination.

So, as a result of this, one of my favourite occupations of late, has been exploring foreign markets and testing out some of the yarn on offer. This week I sampled a Lion Brand yarn, called Suede. Like a chenille, or velvet, it is 100% polyester, and wonderfully soft to touch. Its a chunky weight, so requires bigger size needles. I couldn’t resist the urge to have a go at another bag, so clutching my size 6mm crochet hook, I made this from the one skein¬† (ball) of yarn, and still had a wee bit left over. The colour is called Denim by the way.











I loved this yarn and will definitely be using it again. It would make a fabulous scarf or hat, so maybe I’ll get some more for the christmas project box!


Swaps get warm!

As a change from my usual ATC (Artist trading card) swaps, I have recently taken part in a hat swap. This time I had to make a hat for someone, and another person makes a hat for me. The swap took place on Ravelry, the knitting and crochet forum, and was great fun. I haven’t received my hat yet, but I knitted and sent mine off and it reached its destination in America. I think my partner liked it. I posted a picture of¬† it in my projects section in Ravelry and a couple of folk have favourited it, so I know it wasn’t awful, lol (one always worries). I guess if you don’t like the hat someone makes you you can always pass it on to someone else, or use it as an Xmas gift. I am looking forward to my hat, although it probably won’t get worn until the end of the year when the temperatures drop again. This is the hat I made my partner. It was knitted in merino wool, and the pattern was Christina’s Beanie, I embellished it by making a crochet flower and leaves.










I am also involved in a group called Scarf Travels, again in Ravelry. This time, its all about making a scarf, except that everyone in your group of ten makes it. You start your own scarf doing five inches, then send it to the next person, who does five inches and passes it on, and so on until the scarf ends up back with you. Each of us does this, which means that ten scarfs are travelling at any one time, per sub group. I am in two of these subgroups, one for a knitted scarf, and one for a crocheted scarf. We have only just begun these scarf travels, but I intend keeping an account of their progress on here, along with each scarf I receive, ‘to do my bit’.

The two scarfs I started myself, were these. This was the knitted one…











and this was the first crochet scarf I started…crochet-scarf-for-scarf-travels2









but it would be difficult for American partners to get the same yarn or something equivalent, so I got some merino yarn in aran, which should match their ‘worsted’ weight and did this next starter piece…











However, to date the person downline from me has not received my scarf. She has withdrawn from the swap, but the organiser has contacted her to ask that she sends it on. I am hoping that it is not lost as I sent 30 pairs of earrings with it as gifts for the other participants (3 pairs each). I sent stitch markers with ¬†the knitted scarf, but they wouldn’t have been much good¬†for crochet¬†work, so I made earrings instead.

The upshot of all this, is that¬†I may have to start a third scarf…ho hum! I await instructions from the organiser.

Meanwhile I have received the first of the other scarfs and added my five inches ūüôātravelling-scarf-group-3-no-1


Celebrations… :)

Well this is the 100th post. It’s only taken me 18 months to achive this! Others would probably have arrived here in weeks or months, rather than years, but I did have a couple of long breaks, so that held things up a bit.
As my intentions with this blog were to reflect my artistic progress, I thought a good way to celebrate 100 posts would be to show you some of my latest digital artwork. You can judge for yourselves whether my work has improved…




Considerations, deliberations…

For sometime now I have been meaning to get started on Etsy, selling some of my crafty stuff, in particular, my bags. Somehow I just don’t get around to it. It’s partly lack of energy, and the thought of the extra work I’d have to put into maintaining a shop, and partly, well mostly, lack of confidence. I just keep putting it off and meanwhile ‘practising’.

And then there’s the question of where to sell. Etsy isn’t the only online craft shop. On researching this topic, I have discovered that there are quite a few online stores, dedicated soley to the selling and buying of crafts, and a few more that happily include crafty things. Plus of course there are the well known auction sites. So where do I begin?

I spent some time browsing some of these sites, this afternoon and for the most part it was an enjoyable experience. There is a lot to consider. Who is the site catering for, sellers, buyers, or both? Domestic, or international? Do they charge, and if so what for, how long and how often? If they don’t charge, is there a catch? What does the small print say? Are they not very busy or big because they are not quality sites, or because they have only just started, or are some of the bigger sites big, purely because they’ve plowed a lot of finance into marketing?

Hmm… I think I might be talking myself out of this! But it pays to be careful surely!




Catching up with the Travelling Teds.

I can’t remember where we were with the travelling Teds, but a few more bears have visited us since I last blogged. Bruno came home for Christmas and has never resumed his travels. It has never been said, but I think although he thoroughly enjoyed his travels, he’s a home-loving bear at heart. He’s had a great time relating his exploits and swapping stories with the bears who have stayed with us though, and has been an asset when putting new visitors at ease. Eric the dog was good too, as he, being a dog, could share the doggie feelings of traveling friend Mr T. The last few weeks have seen two new friends staying with us, Rocky and Genevieve. They are very sweet little bears and its going to be sad to see them go, but they have to depart for their adventures in London, today. Here they are visiting Royal Deeside, sitting amidst waterfalls, and then having a picnic. These shots were taken on Easter monday when the weather was glorious. Goodbye little bears,and have a safe journey.




PS…Genevieve wasn’t ¬†falling over drunk or anything…she was just laughing at one of Rockies jokes!


Hello…it’s me!


Yes, really! It is! Lol.

I know, it’s been a very long time, and although I would like to say I am going to blog every day from now on, I just know that that would be the kiss of death. I think I said it last time I had a break, and look what happened next. Let’s just say I’ll try and write at least once or twice a week.

It’s not as if I don’t have plenty of crafty things to talk about. I have been drawing and painting, knitting and crocheting, making ATCs … although I haven’t made many cards. Much of my craft equipment and supplies is impossible to get at, so I am operating on a skeleton selection of goodies, although I have been adding to the yarn stash steadily. I won’t run out of yarn for a while yet (probably never, given that the minute I finish a ball, I take it as justification to buy another, or two!)

My latest creation is a bag. I haven’t made any bags since last summer, I think. I was knitting my five inch section of a travelling scarf, (more of this later ūüėČ ) and liked the combination of Peaches and Creme, (daisy ombre) and Stylecraft Eskimo¬†(lemon) so much that I thought I’d make something else in it. Thus the bag was born. Sturdy, and with an inside divider, it’s in fresh sunny colours. Or another description would be, fried egg colours! I’m afraid that’s how I refer to it myself. Anyway, it’s basically knitted in garter stitch, but I did the joining together in double crochet, and I made the strap by crochet. The bag¬†is fastened¬†with a antique silver coloured bead.


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