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Five minutes later!

Not five minutes after I wrote the previous post, the postman delivered my NaNoWriMo Mascot swap, and what a delight. He is¬† a ‘Lucky Cat’, made by Alissa, and he is beautiful. How clever to be able to create something out of clay! (I presume it is polymer clay). He is particularly loved because I have a black and white cat (Jiffers) so very appropriate. Alissa also sent other goodies, fabric and stationary. She had obviously been reading my profile on Swap-bot ūüôā Thank you Alissa. I love Lucky and everything else you sent. You have been very generous. Good luck with Nano. I hope Lucky’s sphere of influence reaches you too lol. Here are¬†some shots of Lucky in his new home and the parcel.




the story so far…

Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short, or even better – Nano!) I participated last year and enjoyed it so much that I am back for more gruelling word counting. Besides, having completed my 50,000 words last year, I found I had only written half my novel, so I am back to do the other half this year. The coffee is weighimg the cupboard down, the pencils are sharpened (so to speak, but I use the computer most of the time) and I am raring to go. It all kicks off on November 1st and finishes at midnight on November 30th, so wish me luck and good luck to everyone who participates.

Those who are interested will be able to keep track of my progress via the widgets in the sidebar.

One of my Swap-bot groups held a Nano Mascot swap. This was my effort. My swap-partner loves owls so I made my first piece of amigurumi, added a relevant quote, and my mascot turned out like this!

My swap partner has just receieved him and says she loves him, so I hope she finds him inspiring. I have not received my swap yet.


Coasting along…

…at a leisurely pace, I have experimented and , I think, perfected the pattern for these coasters. I had not intended making coasters. Their conception was a happy accident. I had made the bottom circle for a water carrier, and added the furry bit. I decided to think about whether I liked it, and put it down for a while. My OH grabbed it and placed his mug on it. Hey presto, the fluff coaster was born, and I have to say, I do like them. I have my own now, and OH still retains ownership of the original.

So this time, I sat down, and through trial and error I put together the pattern. For those of you who would like to make some, I have copied it under the photo. If you do try it let me know and show piccies. I am thinking about adding some beading too…not to the fluffy ones, but designing one with beads instead of fur.



You will need aran weight yarn. I used Patons sorbet, and some cotton ribbon (sorry, brand unknown) and also some eyelash yarn. I used Royle – Touchy- Feely, but you could use any one of numerous makes, such as Sirdar Boa.


ch = chain

cs = chain stitch

dc =double crochet

Ok, here we go…apologies for bad writing up…

Chain 4, join to form ring with a ss

Into ring of 5 cs work 10 half dc
Row 1 Work 2half dc into each chain (20ch)
Row 2 Work (1half dc in next chain, 2half dc into next chain) 10 times (30chain)
Row 3 Work half dc into next 4 chains, 2half dc into next chain) (36chain)
Row 4 Work half dc into each chain
Change to contrast yarn
Row 5 work as row 4
Join last chain to next chain with ss and fasten off.

Have fun:)


Meet my new friend…

Having been away for three weeks, it’s going to be hard to catch¬†up¬†with all the projects I’ve been¬† doing. Despite not having access to the internet, it didn’t stop me being creative. Whilst on holiday in Argyll, I began a couple of projects, mostly in the evening, and on days when the weather was very wet. We decided the holiday was about relaxing, not running around like headless chickens, doing the touristy bit, so some days we didn’t go out until late morning or lunch time, which gave me time to be creative. One of the projects was this little chap…Bun Bun…who was conceived as a toy gift for my friend’s first baby, little Xander. I went to see him yesterday and he is, as you would expect, adorable. Bun Bun was made using my own pattern, except that it’s difficult to call it a pattern, because I made it up as I went along, and didn’t write it down. Already folk are suggesting I write the instructions down, so maybe the next one will be annotated in some way. I am not good at recording what I do, as I change my mind so many times, that my note pad looks like a page of graffitti (sorry graffitti artists), so I am considering trying to write it all down via a word document so that it can be erased and amended at will…I hope.

Anyway, here is the result of my endeavours. Meet Bun Bun…

Bun Bun was crocheted with Jarol Raffles, which turned out to be good for a toy rabbit, but I have to say it was difficult to embroider onto. His tank top was knitted in Paton’s Sorbet , (which is an Aran weight cotton), with trimmings in scraps of blue which I think was Stylecraft Kon-Tiki – a cotton mix. The carrot was done in crochet , but both balls, orange and green¬†were odd ones without¬†labels, so all I can say is that it was mercerised 2ply, I think. Hope you like ūüôā

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