Sawmill on the doorstep

Poor Guliver woke up to loud sawing noises yesterday. He didn’t know it was a saw. In fact he thought it was a drill because it squeeked, but either way, he was not a happy bear. We went outside to see what was making the noise and discovered that a neighbour had bought in the tree surgeon who was cutting down a tree. Once I explained to Guliver what was happening, he was fascinated and asked if he could sit on the doorstep and watch. There was a funny machine that looked a bit like an old fashioned combine harvester, which I think must have been for shredding the smaller branches and leaves. Guliver watched and pondered for a while, surmising that if he’d been born in Austrailia he would have been better at climbing because he would have been a Kaola bear. I said that I thought most bears could climb trees and he would probably be able to as well. He said he thought he’s quite like to be a tree surgeon, but then that would mean cutting down trees, and then there would be no trees for bears to climb. I couldn’t argue with his logic. Guliver is a thoughtful bear, quite deep!



Guliver thought he might look cool in a yellow hard hat. I assured him that he would, especially if he got a yellow ribbon to match the hat!

Today has been very quiet for Gulliver. We are getting ready for our holiday so didn’t have a chance to take him to explore Aberdeen. I told him all about the place we are going to and I think he is impressed. He was concerned because he thought we were leaving the cats by themselves. But I explained that someone was coming to stay and look after them for us. He has become great friends with two of the cats, BearCat and Jiffers. BearCat even slept next to Guliver. In the photo it looks like he slept on him, but he wasn’t touching him. I could hear them both gently snoring.

Tomorrow will be a long drive, so we are going to bed shortly. I told Guliver to get an early night because tomorrow will be a busy day, with lots to see! So retired a couple of hours ago.

I may have difficulty getting online whilst away…we’ll see, but I’ll do my best to keep Guliver’s family informed of his adventures 🙂


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