Anyone for gingham?

A few weeks ago I decided to host a swap on Swap-bot. Since I am a big fan of gingham, I thought I would host a swap for it, and eventually chose to host a papercraft swap and a sewing swap. The papercraft swap has now closed for sign up, and only has eight participants. This was a bit disappointing but I still think potentially it has the chance to be a good swap. This was the picture I used to illustrate the swap page. All the items in the picture were made by me to give examples of things that could be made for the swap.


       There are cards of various shapes and sizes, ATCs and bookmarks, but there is so much you can do…it is only limited by imagination and the papercraft criteria.


The other swap is still open to sign up for, (for a few days only). Again I am disappointed with the take-up. There are only five participants as I write this. Its all about sewing something in gingham, or with a large part gingham. It could be a toy, or clothing, or something for the house, or a gift even. I haven’t decided what I will make. I will decide on something according to my partners profile, but I have bought or been given lots of gingham fabric and ribbon.



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