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I should be writing!

Well I should. I promised myself that I would get started on my novel again, and I will. But at the moment I am really enjoying experimenting with different techniques for my cards. I love working with paper, and cutting out shapes, or punching out shapes, and it is probably not a surprise if I tell you I love doing flowery type designs. Lately I have been using materials other than just paper, such as felt, and have dug out my rubber stamps and experimented with fibre-tips, crayons, water-soluble crayons, pastels etc. I am also going to try painting with water colours too. How can I stop all this and sit down and write? Of course, sometimes it is the other way around, and I just have to write…sometimes sitting in bed at 3am, writing a poem. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, or days in the week, or weeks in the year!!

These are the most recent cards I’ve made, using stamps…



…and a couple of Easter cards. The chick looks a bit miserable, despite the ‘Happy Easter’text!

 easter-chick.jpg               easter-card3.jpg




A pressie…

It was my birthday on Friday and my OH asked what I would like. Having been trialing Corel Painter X for a few days, that was an easy question to answer. I had already done my homework and bought a full , brand new copy, complete with registration, for about a third of the normal price. My wonderful other half said he would pay for it as part of my pressie, so I am over the moon. Not that I will stop using my lovely Artrage, as I still love working with it, but painter does offer a lot more…and so it should, for the price. Had I had to pay the full price, I doubt I would have bought it. So I will be posting my new works of art, with no excuses for poor work, other than my lack of talent, lol! This is the first…

Well. gotta start somewhere 🙂 There are lots of free tutorials that come with the programme, so I am going to start them tomorrow. Looks like lots of fun.

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