Practice Makes Perfect

Over the last few days I have felt the need to create , and to draw in particular, so I have been busy with Artrage again and have produced some designs, and a couple of paintings.

Some days I don’t seem able to put a line right on the sheet (digital sheet that is), and I get down-hearted and think my efforts are worthless and all my practice will never result in anything as good as I’d like. Then a day or two later, I try again and the magic is there, and all the work has paid off, because I can draw something first or second time that took two or three days practice to achieve, a few weeks or a month ago. This always happens, but somehow when it all goes wrong, I don’t remember the pattern and become demoralised. It used to happen with my music too. I would practice a piece for hours, struggling with it and sometimes not managing to completely get it right. Then the next day I would pick up my instrument and play the piece through to the end without a mistake. So practising is worthwhile even if the benefits are not apparent immediately.

So what has my practising produced this time? Well, I did a little painting of a brookside, and an illustration of a duck. I remember struggling  to do a duck a few months ago. this time it was alot easier. I am quite pleased with the result.


and the little brook…



1 Response to “Practice Makes Perfect”

  1. February 14, 2008 at 12:19 am

    ducky came out great! I know what you mean..I want to get back drawing. I’ve been told by a couple of people that the colored graphic pencils are great.

    I was looking at your side bar and laughed at THe Cat’s blog. LOL! Great idea. I have an extra blog I haven’t used yet.


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