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Second month – May 2007

Having got started, I couldn’t stop drawing. I began to think that instead of using other peoples’ artwork for my handmade cards, I could use my own work. I have done this  a few times now, and although it isn’t fantastic art, it is at least original, and mine! One day, I will take the plunge and paint with paint, and draw with a pencil, and produce works that are original one-offs, and not prints. But one step at a time.

I began the month by playing with the tools on Artrage and Smoothdraw, and testing out some of the techniques. I love creating patterns, so there was quite a bit of experimenting to do. I started off with patterns and backgrounds, like these…

study-in-blue-ed.jpg     study-in-pink-ed.jpg    orange-and-brown-background-ed.jpg   

spots-before-the-eyes.png  and then some mouse clipart…    

 mouse-clipart.jpg       mouse-clipart-2-ed.jpg   

I also experimented with another art programe, called Poject Dogwaffle. The pink flower was my first attempt at using this programme.

pink-flower.jpeg    blue-flower.jpeg

By the end of the month I felt confident enough to try a picture of one of my cats, Jemima. Not perfect, but I felt very pleased with it at the time. It was done using Smoothdraw again.



Those wonderful trees!

Yesterday I commented that the wooded landscapes of the Lakes and The Highlands must be a wonderful sight just now, and must draw many artists to their midst. How many millions of masterpieces have been inspired and created by those who have stood in awe of such natural beauty. How many poems too? There cannot be many who are not stirred by such beauty. Right on call, whilst browsing my Flickr contacts photos, I happened upon a beautiful photograph of autumnal scenery…in the Highlands. My contact has given me permission to post his photograph, so that we can all marvel at the colours of the trees and his photography skills, which are phenomenal. Just look at the water! So thank you Praipix



And then eleven years later…

After a brief dalliance in 1996, I obviously convinced myself that I was no artist and gave up. In fairness, I was working full-time, with four teenagers at home and really didn’t have the time.

So roll forward eleven years, to April of this year, 2007. Having discovered the artwork programs that are available, my interest was once more sparked, with a vengeance. I really love the fact that I can practice to my heart’s content and not worry about wasting paper etc. I don’t think I have found a style yet, and I haven’t tried a fraction of the techniques or subjects that I want to yet, but I am thoroughly enjoying my new hobby. Here are a few of the works from the month of April…(the ones I dare show, of course!!)

apple-2.jpg       apricot-april-23rd-2007-jpeg.jpg     mouse-for-flickr.jpg      spray-of-ivy-april-25th-2007.jpg

holly-twig-and-berries.jpg     ivy-layer-one.jpg      


A few years later…

ted-ed.jpg I didn’t have a chance to draw again until 1996. I managed to do a few in April and May of that year, and if I remember correctly, my friend and I enrolled in a drawing evening class, which I loved, but was very nervous about. I didn’t do it for more than a term, because my self-esteem was so low, I felt embarressed by my efforts!

Well, you can judge for yoursleves. These are some of those drawings, warts and all!

The flowers heads are antirrhirnums (Snap-Dragons), in case you couldn’t quite recognise them lol!

bananas-ed.jpg    key-fob-ed.jpg    scissors-ed.jpg   

snap-dragons.jpg   tin-opener-ed.jpg


Autumn colours.


Yesterday we visited two of the local parks in our city. The trees are turning colours and shedding their leaves by the bucketful, well cartful, by the looks of it. Strange how it seems to happen all at once. The range of colours and hues are fantastic, and I thought that the landscapes in the Lakes (Cumbria) and also in the highlands, will be spectacular now. I wonder how many artists have taken weekend breaks and plodded up mountains , dales and valleys searching for just the right view and mixture of colours. It is certainly an inspiring time of year. Things die, but many die magnificently, and sad as it is, you know that most will be back in spring. I love the autumn palette…must go and be creative with autumn colours!



Collie Dog.

Since I put my Westie on the site last week, it might be good to follow it up with another dog portrait, so this is a drawing I did of a Sheltie.  It’s one of my favourites. I did it a couple of months ago, with Artrage, of course. It was one of those times when I was smitten by a photograph and just had to get drawing. Hope you like the result.



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